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Stalker Sport Tennis

Serve, Return, Groundstrokes, Volley – Measure all your speeds with a Stalker Tennis Radar Gun.

Pro Series

Measure both incoming and outbound velocities with one pull of the trigger using the Pro Series sport radar guns.

Sport Series

Measure peak velocity and the velocity just before your hit is returned with the Sport Series tennis radar guns.


Experience the thrill of instantly knowing the speed of every serve. Track your progress and understand how the dynamics of your game change over time.


With a single pull of the trigger, the Pro Series radars can measure both incoming and outbound velocities. See the velocity of every returned groundstroke throughout the match. The Sport Series guns can be set to measure either incoming or outbound velocities.



Track every groundstroke hit during a rally. Track the differences between your forehand and backhand groundstrokes so you can improve over time.


Be able to measure the incoming groundstroke and measure volleys using the Pro Series’ dual inbound/outbound tracking mode.

Which Stalker Sport Radar Gun is Right For You?

Compare the Stalker Sport Radar guns side by side and choose which radar is best for you.


Sport App

The Stalker Sport Radar App pairs seamlessly with the Pro 3s and Pro II+ tennis radar guns, enabling you to record and analyze serve, return, rally, and volley data. Capture video clips synced with metrics, share detailed statistical breakdowns, and even utilize the app’s Auto Mode for handsfree operation during training sessions or games. Whether you’re working on progressing your serving speeds, refining your return, or tracking your form through video, the integrated app provides an advanced tool for evaluating performance and identifying areas to improve. Keep all your key tennis metrics organized in one place for coaches and players to review.