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Stalker Sport App

With the NEW Pro 3s, connect up to 10 iOS devices to a single radar via the app

Only $5.99 per month for a premium subscription


Pro Series Powered by the Pro 3s and Pro II+ wireless radar guns.

Pro Series

Powered by the Pro 3s and Pro II+ wireless radar guns.

A Must-Have for Player Development

Improve your game, one measurement at a time. The newly-updated Stalker Sport App pairs with the Stalker Pro 3s and Pro IIs (the only handheld baseball radar guns that measures spin rate!) and the Pro II+ to capture video and stats for every pitch.

This radar app isn’t just about baseball and pitching. It has also been designed for softball and tennis players, with unique settings programmed into the app for each sport. Track balls coming towards and going away from the radar (peak velo and exit velo) from close range or across the field.

You can measure, record, and track throws between bases, exit velocity, serve and return speeds in tennis, and even how fast a runner dashes around the diamond in baseball and softball. If it is in motion, it can be measured, as Peter Drucker once said, “What gets measured gets improved.”

Easy to use, especially with the hands-off Auto Capture Mode, the Stalker Sport App is a must-have for scouts, coaches, trainers, players, and parents – anyone who is focused on continuous improvement.

Stadium Mode

Convert your iPhone or iPad into a high-visibility speed sign that shows velocity and spin rate.

(Spin rate only displayed when paired with the Pro 3s and Pro IIs).


Velocity and spin rate in the palm of your hand

Players can be categorized by name and team, and organized by Action (pitching, hitting, fielding) and Pitch Type. Ball Spin Rate (using the Pro 3s and IIs models), Peak Velo, and Rolldown Speeds are displayed and recorded in real time.


Track Your Entire Team, All From One App

The Stalker Sport App is powerful enough to store data from multiple players. Label players by their name and team. You can even track and label data from players on competing teams.

Statistics are saved to your history where you can then download, edit and share.


High-Definition Video with Zoom-In, Slow Motion, and Auto Mode

Customize your video recording settings with your choice of 3 resolution options and 3 different frame rate (FPS) selections.

Slow any video down and pinch to zoom in and out to observe the details like finger positioning, player body alignment, follow-through, pitch break/drop, and more.

Video settings add control to saved files.


Edit and Share

Want to share pitch videos or statistics with players, coaches, scouts, or parents? The Stalker Sport App makes it easy.

Quickly create clips from full videos that save as new files, preserving the original clip in its entirety. Add notes, player name and team, pitch type, and more. Share these videos with the performance data overlaid right onto the video, including Peak Velo, Rolldown, and Spin Rate (Pro 3s and Pro IIs models only). You can even import your own logo and customize it with crop, rotation, or positioning features. It will automatically be embedded on the bottom left corner of your videos.

Files are saved in MP4 format. Once you have edited your clips, they can be shared via email, social media, Airdrop, and more.

Create video clips while preserving original video.


Auto Mode

Your focus should be your performance, not your phone or iPad.

Use Auto Mode to automatically record each pitch. Choose how long before and after each pitch you would like the app to record. Your stats will be overlaid onto each clip.

Review your performance after each practice or game. Save your favorite clips, and easily share them with coaches, recruiters, and family!


Gather More Accurate Data and Statistics Than Any Other App

Tracking data and statistics are vital to developing players to their full potential. The Stalker Sport app utilizes the industry’s most trusted, most powerful and accurate handheld radar guns: the Stalker Pro 3s, IIs and the Pro II+. All 3 baseball radar guns use the same technology used by Stalker Radar’s police radar guns- so you know you’re getting the best technology available!

The data you collect can be stored on your phone, or you can be easily exported as a .csv file for use in spreadsheet software like Excel, or in JSON format for cloud and application use. Data can then be filtered by pitch type, speed, player name, and more so you can extract the exact information you need from each session.

And when you use the new Automatic Video Recording feature, you can set up your phone and radar to record pitches, hits, or throws throughout entire practice sessions and games, which allows you to understand and track how player performance changes throughout the day.