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About the Speed Sensor

  • Same performance as the Major League favorite pro hand-held series.
  • Waterproof IP67 design
  • PC application available for configuration and communication
    with the radar.
  • Reports speeds in MPH, km/h, knots, feet/second, or meters/second in whole units or tenths resolution.
  • Reports Live (Rolldown), Peak, highest peak speeds in one direction, or hit speeds in opposite direction.

  • Measures speeds up to 890 MPH.
  • Directional – tracks objects moving in either direction.
  • Detects baseballs to 500′ and average-sized automobiles to 1¾ miles.
  • Wide range of High and Low Speed Thresholds to focus on speed range of interest.
  • Tracks everything from car-sized objects (and larger) to BBs.
  • A, A1, b, bE, and S streaming data protocols.

Stalker Radar Application Software

A PC application is provided to configure, control and monitor the Stalker Pro II Speed Sensor. This is the cornerstone of the Pro II Speed Sensor Developer’s kit.

  • Clean and clear graphics for displaying sensor readings.
  • Easy to navigate for setting sensor configuration.
  • New detailed users manual to guide the user through the program’s operation.
  • Upgrade a sensor’s software from within the application.
  • Automatic sensor and Baud rate detection.
Developers Kit for programming the Stalker Sport Sensor

Pro II Speed Sensor Developer Kit

RS-232. The Developers Kit contains standard serial connection cables and sensor cable to connect to your computer for Dashboard software configuration. It includes the programming box, configuration files, necessary cables and parts. The sensor is not included.

Part number 200-0863-00

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